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Illegal Possession of Firearms Ontario | Donnell Law Group

Illegal possession of Firearms in Ontario [Full article]

A Calgary police officer made headlines across Canada when it was reported that he had unlawfully purchased a shotgun without a possession and acquisition license and the gun was not stored in his home in a safe manner. The gun was discovered during a domestic incident that involved the accused officer. No charges were laid with respect to the domestic incident, but the incident led to the discovery of the shotgun for which charges were laid.

Mental Capacity & Loved Ones | Donnell Law Group
Dealing with Capacity Issues: What to do When the Mental Capacity of a Loved One is in Question [Full article]

An American teenager made headlines around the world when he suffered from a soccer related accident that caused a serious brain injury. A novel side effect was when the young man regain consciousness, the unilingual English speaker was suddenly fluent in Spanish.

What Happens When I Die Without a Will| Donnell Law Group
What Happens If I Die Without a Will? [Full article]

For most Canadians, having a will is still not the norm. According to a survey by LawPro, the majority of Canadian adults (56 percent) do not have a signed will. The most frequently sited reason for not having a will is not knowing how to get started or believing it is unaffordable, which is not true.

What To Do When CAS Calls | Donnell Law Group
What To Do When CAS (Children’s Aid Society) Enters Your Life [Full article]

If Children’s Aid Society (CAS) contacts you in regards to a child that is in your care, it is important to stay calm and seek legal advice immediately. At Donnell Law Group, we have many experienced family lawyers who are here help. Contact us today.

Duty to Accommodate & Your Business | Donnell Law Group
What the duty to accommodate means for your business [Full article]

The ruling in the 2014 case Attorney General v. Johnstone kicked off a national debate over reasonable accommodation for employees with childcare obligations. Fiona Johnstone was working at the Canada Border Services Agency when they refused to grant her request for a work schedule that would allow her to provide adequate childcare to her two young children. The case resulted in significant changes to Canadian labour laws and employers across the country now have a legal duty to accommodate the familial obligations of working parents.

Spousal Support During Separation in Ontario | Donnell Law Group
Spousal Support During Separation in Ontario [Full article]

In determining eligibility for Spousal Support, the Court will consider the length of the relationship, the parties’ financial circumstances, and the role of each partner in the relationship, including the role of each party in raising the children (if any).

Right to Counsel in Criminal Law Cases | Donnell Law Group
The Right to Counsel in Criminal Law Cases [Full article]

Criminal law disallows harmful or undesirable conduct, and it sets out the process involved in responding to crime. Criminal Code offences include assault, impaired driving (including driving under the influence or DUI), break and enter, robbery, uttering threats and failure to comply with bail and/or probation and, in each situation, you have a right to counsel.

Right to Appeal in Criminal Law Cases | Donnell Law Group
The Accused’s Right to Appeal in Criminal Law Cases [Full article]

If you are found guilty of a criminal offence in Ontario, you may request that a higher court review what happened at your trial. This review process, called an appeal, can be launched against either the conviction itself or the sentence that was imposed.

How to Collect a Debt in Southern Ontario | Donnell Law Group
Collecting Debts in Ontario [Full article]

The legislation governing debt collection contains complex stipulations about the requirements for different types of debt, legal collection efforts by creditors, consumer/debtor rights, and the relevant limitation periods.

Adoption: A Lifelong Process | Ontario | Donnell Law Group
Adoption: A Lifelong Process [Full article]

Adoption is a wonderful way to expand your family and help children find a safe sanctuary to call home. Whether you can’t have children due to infertility issues or you have children and you want to offer up your home as a place of love and stability for others, adoption is often the answer.

Help Your Children Deal with Divorce | Donnell Law Group
First Steps to Help Your Children Deal with Your Divorce [Full article]

Divorce is a difficult transition for every member of the family. If you have kids, divorce can be even more painful. Now that you've decided it's better for you and your spouse to be apart, you have to work with him or her to maintain stability for your children's sake.

Understanding Common Law Relationships | Donnell Law Group
Understanding Common Law Relationship [Full article]

Some people never want to marry, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to commit themselves to a monogamous, lasting relationship. If you don’t want to marry your significant other, you are not alone.

What to Do When Your Identity is Stolen | Donnell Law Group
Someone Has Stolen Your Identity – What Now? [Full article]

We’ve seen terrifying—and sometimes humorous—movies about identity theft. Someone steals the financial, insurance, or citizenship records of another person and assumes their identity, making purchases in their name and often ruins the victim’s life. You don’t want this to happen to you, and you certainly don’t want it to happen to anyone you love, so you defend your information carefully.

Tips for Recovering from a Divorce | Donnell Law Group
Tips for Recovering from a Divorce [Full article]

Divorce can be devastating. Not only might you miss your former partner and the life you had, but you may also feel anger, resentment, guilt or confusion. You may have even lost hope that you can have a happy future.

Terminating Your Parental Rights | Donnell Law Group
Understanding Grounds for Terminating Parental Rights [Full article]

In Canada, parents are legally responsible for supporting their children through age 19. This means making the day-to-day decisions about raising children, including education, supervision, physical care, emotional well-being and other matters.

Knowing Your Blood Alcohol Content Level | Donnell Law Group
How to Become More Aware of Your Own Blood Alcohol Content Levels [Full article]

If you were asked to cut a birthday cake into pieces that were exactly three square inches, without using a ruler, could you do it? Without using a scale, could you make up a five-pound bag of potatoes? Could you pour a quarter cup of milk for a recipe using a normal drinking glass? Probably not. If you can’t make these measurements without the proper tools, how can you properly estimate your blood alcohol levels without the proper tools? You can’t.

Considerations When Writing a Will | Donnell Law Group
Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Considerations When Writing a Will [Full article]

We’ve noticed that there’s a negative stigma surrounding creating wills. No one likes to think about death, but the alternative is even worse for your loved ones and family. You should be the one who decides where your assets and resources go after your death. If you die in Canada without a will, the state will decide who gets what, and that way your assets won’t always go to your spouse.

Strange Laws in Canada | Donnell Law Group
Some of the Strangest Laws in Canada [Full article]

We depend upon the law to maintain order in our disorderly lives. But did you know there are some crazy laws still in effect in Canada today? We were laughing as we researched these zany Canadian laws you never knew existed (maybe you will, too).

Administer an Estate without Causing Conflict | Donnell Law Group
How to Administer an Estate without Causing Conflict [Full article]

If you’ve been asked to administer the estate for one or both of your deceased parents, you’re probably a little nervous. After all, Hollywood has painted the situation as one swimming in hostility and jealousy. You’re already upset because you’ve lost your parents, and you don’t want to make the situation worse by upsetting your family members and friends when you administer the will.