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Do you feel like a loved one has been taken advantage of due to a lack of mental capacity? Were decisions made against his or her best interests? If you feel an individual’s capacity to draft a will or make Powers of Attorney for personal care or property were in question, consult with Donnell Law Group. We have lawyers who know what is needed in regards to medical opinions on testamentary capacity and other general capacity requirements.

Capacity proceedings are complex and often involve various statutes. These cases may be heard at different levels of the judicial system, from the Consent and Capacity Board to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Capacity Assessments to Prevent Exploitation

Of course, it’s better to address the situation before you are entrenched in a battle over estate assets. If you feel that a loved one is no longer capable of making decisions regarding medical care or property that reflect his or her best interests, you may need to request a capacity assessment. Mentally incapable adults are often victims of financial exploitation, neglect and even physical abuse.

If you believe a capacity proceeding is needed, contact Donnell Law Group for a consultation.