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Legal Representation for Domestic Violence & Domestic Assault Cases

Once charges have been laid in a domestic dispute, it is not possible for the victim, usually a spouse or girlfriend, to drop the charges. While it is quite common that they may wish to drop charges once emotions have cooled, the decision to proceed is controlled by the Crown.

If you are charged, we recommend that you contact our lawyers assisting southern Ontario immediately. Attempting to argue with the police or Crown Attorney yourself will generally only hinder your own defence.

In the case of domestic violence charges, it is rare for the Crown to drop the charges without compelling reasons to do so. It is critical that you obtain legal counsel that has the necessary knowledge of the law, strategy and tactics to help you with your situation.

Domestic Disputes are Fraught with Intense Emotion

Donnell Law Group has the experience you need to help you navigate the complexity of criminal charges. We will ensure your rights are upheld as your case progresses through the court system.