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Protect yourself and your rights with experienced legal guidance from the southern Ontario lawyers at Donnell Law Group. If you need a lawyer well versed in criminal law, family law, estate law, litigation and human rights matters, our firm is here to guide you. Whether you are facing serious criminal charges or you need to draft a will to protect your family’s future, we provide the confidential and experienced legal representation you need.

Your Lawyer Serving Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Markham & Beyond

A diversified team with over 60 years of combined legal experience, Donnell Law Group proudly serves clients throughout Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Markham and throughout southern Ontario.  Our team consists of:

  • Iain T. Donnell, Litigation Counsel
  • Kevin Zaldin, Family Law
  • Steven Sands, Family Law & Civil Litigation
  • Morgan D. Lipchitz, Criminal Defence & Civil Litigation
  • Jonathan M. Friedman, Civil Litigation & Estate Litigation
  • Rose Sharifi, Student-at-Law

Iain T. Donnell - Donnell Law Group

Iain T. Donnell

Litigation Counsel

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Morgan D. Lipchitz - Donnell Law Group

Morgan D. Lipchitz

Criminal Defence & Civil Litigation

Kevin Zaldin - Donnell Law Group

Kevin Zaldin

Family Law

Jonathan M. Friedman - Donnell Law Group

Jonathan M. Friedman

Civil Litigation & Estate Litigation

Steven Sands - Donnell Law Group

Steven Sands

Family Law & Civil Litigation

Rose Sharifi - Donnell Law Group

Rose Sharifi


Maurice Brenner - Donnell Law Group

Maurice Brenner

Senior Consultant
Human Rights & Diversity

Unwavering in our commitment to you, we provide sound legal guidance in a wide range of practice areas. If you require legal advice in any of our practice areas, we have a skilled lawyer to serve you.

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