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Legal Representation for Power of Attorney Disputes in Southern Ontario

Creating Power of Attorneys for Property and Personal Care is an excellent way for a person to legally protect health and financial interests should he or she become ill or if their mental capacity declines to the point where they can no longer make decisions. The Substitute Decisions Act strictly outlines the mental capacity a person must possess in order to bestow power of attorney. While a Power of Attorney may be a way to minimize family conflict, it may also be the source of a dispute.

Power of Attorney Disputes in Southern Ontario

When a Power of Attorney is drafted, the person appointed is tasked with providing the care his or her loved one needs. In some cases, this power is abused and may result in the neglect of the grantor or depletion of wealth. This is how Power of Attorney disputes may arise. In some cases, the person appointed (the attorney) simply doesn’t understand his or her obligations under the law.

Other POA Disputes

Power of Attorney disputes can happen for various reasons. There may be difficulty determining who has the power of attorney when multiple people have been named during the grantor’s life. Or the grantor may revoke a POA when decisions are being made with which the grantor does not agree. Whether or not the grantor has the mental capacity to do so may also come into question.

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