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A Richmond Hill Lawyer You Can Count On – Donnell Law Group

Whether they reach a courtroom or not, all legal circumstances require an experienced lawyer.

Make sure you and your family are legally protected! Donnell Law Group will help you resolve and carry out your legal needs.

Our Services
Our lawyers work with clients facing criminal charges, but we also handle much more. Our specialists focus on administrative law, estates and wills, and civil litigation. Richmond Hill, Markham, and Newmarket residents have turned to us for years for assistance in complete estate planning, taxes, and support in the midst of a variety of legal situations.

Our Experience
The Donnell Law Group has over 50 years of combined experience serving the York region and working in the Ontario court system. Our goal is to give our clients the best possible outcome in any legal situation. When you find yourself in need of a lawyer in Richmond Hill or the surrounding areas, our team is here for you.

Initial Consultations
To make ourselves available to as many individuals as possible, we offer initial consultation services. Protect yourself legally by contacting us before you speak with your employer about a work-related injury, say something potentially self-incriminating, or try to solve your legal problems on your own.

The Donnell Law Group is here to help you navigate your legal situations with the professional counsel you’ll need, including the information and guidance you can rely on for any circumstance. Call us at 1-888-307-9991 for a consultation with a Richmond Hill lawyer today!
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