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If you have been convicted of a DUI or a drug-related charge, you may not know where to turn to find direction and guidance. Building a defence for drug-related charges is complex, but the Donnell Law Group has the knowledge and experience required to represent you in court.

Rest assured that any DUI lawyer serving Markham at Donnell Law Group has significant courtroom experience and will work to provide you with the most fruitful defence case possible.

Be Aware of Potential Drug-Related Charges

If you are convicted of a drug-related charge, multiple charges may be laid against you. Each charge must be fought in order to protect your rights. Charges may include:

  • Importing and exporting prohibited substances
  • Production (including grow operations)
  • Drug possession (simple possession)
  • Trafficking
  • Possession with the purpose of trafficking
  • Proceeds of crime

Are you aware that the strength of the drug-related charge depends largely on the legality of the search that located the drugs? What physical evidence was collected and how the ownership of the drugs was determined are also important factors. The team at Donnell Law Group will collect all pertinent information and fight against prejudiced, imbalanced accusations and methods from the prosecution.

The DUI lawyers at Donnell Law Group have the experience to get you a fair case. After evaluating your case, they will help minimize the charges against you as much as possible.

Don’t Give Up Your Rights; Contact Us Today

Do not give up your rights by communicating with the police without advice from your lawyer first. Whether you are being detained or charged with an offence, you have rights, including the right to consult counsel and the right to remain silent. You are not obligated to give a statement before consulting with legal counsel, and that’s where Donnell Law Group steps in.

It is crucial you receive advice from an experienced DUI lawyer. We service all of the York Region, including Markham, the GTA and beyond. For 24-hour service, call 1-888-307-9991.

*Our lawyers would be happy to provide a general overview of your rights.

If you:

  • are seeking a second opinion;
  • have an ongoing court proceeding;
  • are requesting a review of documents;
  • have a request that goes beyond a general overview of your rights;

Kindly contact our office to book your consultation.

Unwavering in our commitment to you, we provide sound legal guidance in a wide range of practice areas. If you require legal advice in any of our practice areas, we have a skilled lawyer to serve you.

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