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FAQs Answered by a Trusted Criminal Lawyer serving Newmarket & Throughout York Region

I was charged with a crime. What should I do?

The first step in any successful defence is making sure you have sound legal representation. If you need a criminal lawyer serving Newmarket or other areas of Southern Ontario, Donnell Law Group is here to assist you. We will ask several questions to fully understand the circumstances and the case against you so that we can advise you as to your potential next steps.

What are the different types of drug-related charges?

If you’ve been arrested for a drug-related crime, you might be facing multiple charges. These charges include:

  • Possession (simple possession)
  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking
  • Trafficking
  • Production (grow operations)
  • Importing and exporting of prohibited substances

Maximum penalties vary depending on the number of offences and the type of drug involved. 

What is the blood alcohol concentration limit? Do I need a DUI lawyer?

Blood alcohol concentration or BAC is a measure that helps determine if you’ve committed a criminal offence. In Ontario, the legal BAC limit is .08 or 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood. If you’ve exceeded this level, you will need an impaired driving, or DUI lawyer. Your licence will be suspended for a minimum of 5 days. Additional consequences can be serious, including the loss of your licence, a fine and even jail time. An impaired driving offence can greatly disrupt your life.

Do DUI laws only apply to driving cars and trucks?

No. You can be charged with a crime regardless of the type of vehicle you are driving. If you operate a car, boat, snowmobile or off-road vehicle while under the influence, you will need an impaired driving lawyer if you exceed the legal limit. An Ontario impaired driving criminal charge can be serious, you should seek legal assistance immediately when facing a criminal charge.

Can domestic violence charges be dropped?

No. Once domestic violence charges have been filed, the victim cannot drop them. Only in very rare cases will the Crown be persuaded to drop the charges in light of compelling circumstances. 

What is considered assault? Are there different charges?

Generally speaking, assault occurs when one person intentionally applies force or threatens to apply force to another person without their consent. Assault of any kind is serious and a conviction may greatly impact your life and your family. The sentence and penalty you may face will depend upon the type of assault charge. The different charges include:

  • Assault with a weapon
  • Aggravated assault
  • Assault causing bodily harm
  • Sexual assault
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Sexual assault with a weapon, threats or causing bodily harm
  • Assaulting a police officer

Do I need a lawyer for a bail hearing?

By obtaining counsel at the earliest time, you have a greater chance of getting your bail hearing set as early as possible. By law, you have the right to a bail hearing within 24 hours of being charged with a crime. However, that specification under the criminal code is not always followed due to busy court schedules and an overworked duty counsel system. Having your own lawyer may expedite the process and help you avoid unnecessary jail time.

How is breaking and entering defined by law?

By definition, breaking and entering is when a person unlawfully enters a dwelling-house or non-dwelling-house with the intent to commit a crime or actually committing a crime. You do not have to actually break a window or door to gain access to be considered breaking and entering. The most serious form of this crime occurs when the offender commits the act knowing people are present in a home. This can be considered a home invasion.

Do you handle criminal appeals?

Yes. The lawyers at Donnell Law Group have experience at all levels of court and understand the strict limitations you must adhere to when filing an appeal.

If you need a criminal lawyer serving Newmarket or other areas of Southern Ontario, consult with the team at Donnell Law Group.

We are confident that we have what it takes to give you the peace of mind you need during this very sensitive time. Whatever circumstances your family is facing right now, we are here to help you through the process. Call us today for an initial consultation.

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