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I am currently separated. Do I really need to hire a divorce lawyer?

Having a knowledgeable family lawyer serving Markham and area can protect your legal rights during a divorce. An experienced divorce lawyer will help you avoid pitfalls in areas such as spousal support, child custody and division of property. Your lawyer will keep your best interests in mind during this difficult and emotional time.

How can a child support lawyer help me?

When children are involved in a divorce, it’s always advisable to consult with an experienced child support lawyer. In some situations, the proposed terms for the divorce are agreeable to both parties. But in many other cases, disagreements and disputes arise regarding child support, custody and other matters. Having a child support lawyer on your side is reassuring when you are faced with difficult situations and the complexities of divorce law.

Are lawyers needed for adoptions?

If you are interested in adoption, you may have heard about situations where the adopting couple had difficulties with the process. Adoption can be a complex legal matter and a knowledgeable adoption lawyer is important to guide you and answer your questions. Whether you are adopting internationally, through a children’s aid society or privately, an adoption lawyer will be able to assist you in any circumstance.

What is joint custody?

The parent who is granted custody of children is given the legal right to make decisions on their behalf. Therefore, joint custody means the decision-making responsibility rests with both parents. You and your former spouse would have to agree on major decisions in the case of joint custody. A custody lawyer can help mediate consultations between the two parties prior to the decision-making.

What should I know about restraining orders?

There are two types of restraining orders as defined by the Family Law Act. Non-molestation orders deal with restraining harassment. This type of order is used to protect individuals or both individuals and children from molesting, annoying or harassing behaviour by another party. Failure to abide by a non-molestation order carries significant penalties. 

Non-depletion restraining orders prevent one party from depleting property until the legal disposition of the property is finalized. This is also known as freezing assets and may be a necessary action for individuals going through a divorce.

What is the role of the Children’s Aid Society (CAS)?

In cases in which a child is believed to need protection, the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) often becomes involved. This may involve the agency monitoring the home situation or recommending counselling services for a family. A family lawyer, in these cases, will protect your rights and help you show the agency how you are working to rectify the problem.

Do I need a premarital or cohabitation agreement?

If you are in a long-term relationship or preparing to get married, you may not necessarily want to think about the possibility that the relationship could end. But if it does end, how will the finances and division of property be handled? A premarital or cohabitation agreement is a legal contract that will provide a framework for handling money and property issues. These agreements may be especially useful in situations where one person has significantly greater assets or has a higher debt load. Cohabitation agreements can also be potentially beneficial for people who have been previously married or who have children from a previous relationship.

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