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At Donnell Law Group, we do things differently. We stand up for the rights of the individual and take a principled approach to advocacy and litigation. While Ontario laws are complex, that doesn’t mean most individuals can’t grasp the fundamentals and make an informed decision regarding their legal options. In offering advice, guidance, and representation, we aim to be that bridge that takes you through the entire process — from the initial consultation to the conclusion or resolution of your case.

Donnell Law Group is located in Keswick, Ontario and serves the entire York Region, including Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Markham. Call Donnell Law Group to connect with a lawyer in York Region today.

Who We Are

Donnell Law Group offers clients litigation and advocacy services throughout the York Region and beyond. Our clients trust us to provide honest, knowledgeable advice and guidance, coupled with strong, capable, and effective representation in the courtroom. We strive to be responsive to our clients’ needs and effectively represent their best interests at all times. A large part of this goal is accomplished through clear, consistent communication and a team of lawyers that conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.

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Donnell Law Group is here to help you navigate your legal situations with the professional counsel you need to make informed decisions for your future. You can rely on our experienced lawyers for information and guidance in the following practice areas:

 Criminal Law

Donnell Law Group is experienced in representing clients involved in alcohol and drug-related charges, weapons offences, bail hearings, robbery, fraud, criminal law appeals, and other areas of criminal law.

 Family Law

Considering the implications, family law matters are of the utmost importance to the lawyers of Donnell Law Group. We represent clients through a range of legally and emotionally complex issues, including divorce, family law appeals, adoptions, CAS matters, support, custody, and access.

 Civil Litigation

Often times, a person’s most fundamental rights are tested in civil litigation cases. Donnell Law Group works with a range of clients in handling contract disputes, defamation, property disputes, fraud, and other areas in the scope of civil litigation.

  Will and Estate Litigation

Our York Region lawyers work with families and individuals in resolving estate cases, including will and trust interpretations, will challenges and defences, power of attorney disputes, as well as unjust enrichment and undue influence.

  Municipal Law

We’re here to advise and represent your interests on matters of land use planning, land expropriation, municipal financing, and other municipal-related issues.

 Employment Law

Have you been wrongfully dismissed from your job, or subjected to harassment in the workplace? Donnell Law Group tackles employment issues related to labour rights as well as worker protections.

  Administrative Law

We will represent you in administrative law matters such as boards and tribunals, licensing tribunals, rental housing, and WSIB. With Donnell Law Group on your side, we can help to ensure governments, agencies, boards, tribunals, and commissions treat your complaint with the fairness it deserves

 Human Rights

At Donnell Law Group, we understand that the Ontario Human Rights Code is designed to protect everyone from discrimination in the workplace, essential services, and in housing. There are 17 grounds by which providers of these services must consider, including age, disability status, sex, and race. If you believe your rights have been violated, contact Donnell Law Group today.

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Unwavering in our commitment to you, we provide sound legal guidance in a wide range of practice areas. If you require legal advice in any of our practice areas, we have a skilled lawyer to serve you.

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