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Understand Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities

Donnell Law Group’s lawyers serving Newmarket have been helping to protect rights of individuals and families in the Greater Toronto Area for decades. We are a general law practice offering legal guidance to clients in matters ranging from impaired driving offences to civil litigation, family law, and human rights.

As your trusted lawyers serving Newmarket, we offer a variety of services to help ensure that you understand all of your options for resolving legal disputes, as well as legal rights and responsibilities, including:

  • On-site visits for consultation on criminal charges.
  • Legal advice for employers on rapidly evolving employment laws.
  • Specialized training for large and small businesses on compliance with Ontario’s Accessibility Standards.
  • Navigating the vagaries of family law.

From Assault to Theft, Experienced in Criminal Law

From assault to theft, our criminal lawyers serving Newmarket have more than two decades of experience in the Ontario courts to help you handle all of your criminal charges. Whether you have been formally charged or are still under investigation, we can come to your aid with professional, confidential advice regarding your specific situation. No matter the circumstances, you can rest assured that Donnell Law Group will help you fight for your legal rights.

You Will Find a Compassionate Family Lawyer in Newmarket

Our team of divorce lawyers, separation lawyers, and child custody lawyers in Newmarket are committed to meeting the interests and needs of Donnell Law Group clients, but also adept at tailoring solutions amenable to all parties. With more than 20 years of experience, our family lawyers, Newmarket-wise and across greater Toronto, have successfully addressed every life-changing legal element raised in family law.

Because the outcome of such cases typically represents highly emotional stakes, your Donnell Law Group family lawyer in Newmarket strives to understand every detail relating to the legal issues, and how various outcomes may impact all involved parties.

With a commitment to the client, but compassion for all involved parties, your family lawyer will formulate a strategy designed to best meet your desired outcome, but also attuned to neutralizing emotional tension between the parties. Our family lawyers in Newmarket stand ready to compassionately guide you through any family law issue you may be facing, and can effectively seek resolution through negotiation or through the courts.

Your Advocates for Child Custody and Access in Family Court

If you are involved in a Markham or Newmarket family court, talk to a Donnell Law Group family lawyer to help you understand your options and make well-informed decisions to secure the future of your family. People who are involved in family court matters often find their legal situation complicated by feelings of grief or betrayal, conflicting priorities and a legal process that is difficult to understand.

Interaction with family court calls for the expertise of an experienced child custody lawyer, Newmarket-wise or elsewhere in the York Region, who is committed to securing the most favorable outcome for you and your children. Donnell Law Group’s child custody lawyers will help you understand the difference between “access” and “custody” from a legal standpoint, and detail other information you need to consider in order to formulate the best strategy for resolving both in the most favorable manner.

In short, “custody” sets out the right of a parent to make all of the most important decisions concerning their children(s)’ well-being and day-to-day living, while “access” specifically sets out how much time each child spends under a parent’s care. Either legal concept can be determined by mutual agreement between the involved parents or by the courts, though mutual agreements typically provide far more flexibility than provided as a result of court order.

With regard to family court, if you believe that your spouse will unfairly seek full custody of your children, or otherwise try to limit access to your children, seek consultation with a child custody lawyer.

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Navigate Through the Turmoil with Our Divorce Lawyers in Newmarket

Everyone knows that divorce can be messy and filled with life-upending turmoil. But it doesn’t have to be that way as guidance through the process with a competent divorce lawyer in Newmarket can help ease the tumult while ensuring that your rights and interests are protected during the process.

The Donnell Law Group’s divorce lawyers serving Newmarket have extensive experience representing both sides of divorce proceedings and understand that a compassionate approach that recognizes the inherent upheaval caused by divorce works best at limiting its impacts. Whether working at an amicably negotiated divorce or seeking divorce resolution through the court system, your divorce lawyer in Newmarket will guide you through every step of the process while seeking the smoothest path to achieving all desired outcomes from the divorce. Your divorce lawyer will vigorously protect your legal rights and interests and ensure that all legal angles related to your specific case are fully considered to ensure the most favorable outcome.

Pre-empt Resolution of Family Law Matters with a Separation Lawyer

Why let the government dictate the terms of your marital affairs, when you can customize premarital/cohabitation/separation agreements that allow you and your partner to pre-determine, in part, the resolution of your such affairs before the need arises? Think about it: absent such agreements the government’s laws regarding divorce and related family matters already serve as a “prenuptial agreement” of sorts.   Donnell Law Group’s separation lawyers in Newmarket are experienced in all aspects of family law and can formulate an agreement—premarital, cohabitation, or separation—to meet your unique needs.

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Whether with regard to criminal law, family law, or employment law, Donnell Law Group lawyers have proven themselves to be capable and compelling representatives for clients in the Newmarket-area court system. Call us today for a consultation.

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