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We Negotiate Trust Disputes for Southern Ontario Clients

The estate lawyers at Donnell Law Group are equipped to handle trust disputes pertaining to the administration of an estate. Trust disputes may occur for various reasons, including the following:

  • The beneficiaries believe the executor is mishandling the administration of the estate
  • The value of the property in the trust is in question
  • The beneficiaries believe the executor has been unfairly compensated
  • The actual terms of the will are in dispute 

There may be additional issues involving income, capital entitlements or even accusations of undue influence. Multiple wills in differing jurisdictions may also call a trust into question.

Let Us Negotiate a Solution

Donnell Law Group is experienced in trust disputes and works efficiently to try and resolve your situation in a timely manner. Estate litigation can be a lengthy and difficult process and the outcome is ultimately in the hands of the court. In many cases, there may be an advantage to reaching a settlement out of court. Contact our firm for legal representation both in and out of the courtroom and let us negotiate a solution to your dispute.

*Our lawyers would be happy to provide a general overview of your rights.

If you:

  • are seeking a second opinion;
  • have an ongoing court proceeding;
  • are requesting a review of documents;
  • have a request that goes beyond a general overview of your rights;

Kindly contact our office to book your consultation.

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