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When You Need a Family Lawyer in Aurora, Talk to the Donnell Law Group

Backed by Long-Term Experience in Family Law in Aurora

Whether divorce, separation, child custody, or any other related legal issue, the Donnell Law Group’s family lawyers serving Aurora are backed by 20 years of experience in successfully addressing every potentially life-changing legal issue that can be raised in family law. Don’t face the challenges of child custody, separation, divorce or other elements of family law without the compassionate, detailed, and highly competent legal representation offered by the Donnell Law Group. Read on to learn more about the Donnell Group’s committed family lawyers in Aurora, and contact us today for a consultation.

Our Family Lawyers in Aurora Serve as Your Compassionate Guides

Every family law case represents unique circumstances that can lead to a wide variety of life-changing outcomes. Such cases are often fraught with emotional turmoil, which can make the complicated legalities of family law even harder to understand and follow. The Donnell Law Group family lawyers in Aurora approach each specific case first and foremost with a compassionate ear in order to gain a full understanding of where the client stands in relation to the area of family law at issue and determine what outcome the client seeks.

Once your family lawyer in Aurora fully understands all pertinent case details, its emotional components, and potential legal implications for all involved parties, they will formulate a strategy designed to best meet the client’s desired outcome. While absolutely committed to meeting the interests and needs of the client, our family lawyers serving Aurora are adept at tailoring solutions amenable to all parties and will pursue this approach when feasible, or as desired by the client.

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Protect Your Interests with Our Divorce Lawyers Serving Aurora

Divorce proceedings involve numerous legal issues that each need to be effectively addressed in order to reach a successful ultimate outcome. Thus, anyone initiating or facing divorce proceedings should make contacting a divorce lawyer a priority. Not only can a divorce lawyer in Aurora protect your interests and defend your legal rights, but also make sure that every legal angle is successfully examined and addressed to ensure the best possible outcome for you, and, if applicable, your children. The Donnell Law Group’s divorce lawyers serving Aurora know that divorce proceedings stir up emotional turmoil that can make it difficult for their clients to focus on the vagaries of divorce laws that may impact their near- and long-term future.

Our Aurora divorce lawyers always address every case with full consideration of its emotional components, and have a solid track record of negotiating amicable solutions that meet their clients’ desired outcomes.

Cover All Bases with Our Separation Lawyers in Aurora

Because separation can often be a prelude to actual divorce, emotional tension can run high when trying to formulate the terms of a separation. Thus, it is crucial to protect your legal rights and interests with a competent separation lawyer as soon as possible when actual separation is initiated by either party in a marriage. The Donnell Law Group separation lawyers in Aurora can assist you with crafting a detailed arrangement that specifically outlines all rights and obligations of the two parties, along with details relating to child custody during the separation. Your separation lawyer can also guide you through the legalities if the separation is being handled by court action.

Protect Your Parental Rights with Aurora Child Custody Lawyers

With the best interests and welfare of your children at heart, the Donnell Law Group’s child custody lawyers in Aurora strive to negotiate child custody arrangements that work for both parents. Your child custody lawyer serving Aurora will work to ensure that you receive fair access to your children and that any child care support will be provided as required by the law.

Disputes over child custody issues can escalate quickly, so our child custody lawyers always stand ready to intervene if needed, and negotiate with the opposing parent’s counsel or seek successful resolution of the dispute in the courts.

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